Coming Event


Winter Classes resume January 2016

See our SCHEDULE page for details of start dates, places, times and instructors. Please note that Helene will be leading a new beginners class on Wednesdays at Elijah Smith Elementary School. Pass the word to anyone interested in trying tai chi.
Check with your instructor for cold weather cut-off temperatures.

Support TCY with your recycling

Raven Recycling has a Tai Chi Yukon account. By donating your refundables, you will help make it possible for us to host more special events.


Tai Chi Yukon has t-shirts available for sale, an assortment of short and long sleeved in various colours and sizes. Just in are some short-sleeved black T-shirts with embroidered logo, very spiffy. We also have some weapons, instructional DVDs and other items. Check with your instructor for details.

TCY has a Facebook page

If you use Facebook, consider checking out our FB page. As more people sign up, I will add more updates and photos. Honest! Just do a search for Tai Chi Yukon.